Following my previous, most recent post, I am interested in hearing people's alternatives to voting for the Chayil party as just one of several methods of implementing change in the Land of Israel. Seeing as so many people are rejecting the idea, I would like to hear of any other methods and ideas that people have in order to implement change in Eretz Yisrael, and finally bring down the ruling clique of Hellenists...

But I'll say it again: it's not "either, or"! It is true that Salvation will not come through the Knesset, but it can still be used as a tool (even if just a minor tool, but not the ikkar) to help achieve our goals.

However, it seems that some people know something that I (and others) do not, and seem to think that if people vote for Chayil (and remember, I'm talking about specifically voting for Chayil, as it is run by probably the only Torah-true candidate for election - ex-Kach leader Baruch Marzel - who has not sold out to anyone), it will scupper some other mystery plan to implement change.

So nu, what do you guys have up your sleeves?

And just by the way:

Rabbi Meir Kahane always said that the "right-wing" are full of "don'ts": "don't give away land... don't negotiate with the PLO" - and they're quite right about that (even if some of them sell out eventually). But they don't offer an alternative!!! The left at least say "to get peace we need to do xyz", so the people say: "look, it's the only alternative we're being given, so let's take it!"

We need to offer an alternative or noone will choose us. It's time to DO and stop procrastinating and infighting. Even if you disagree that a certain method will work but you are able to still help and take part in it then why not give it a shot? The Kahanist camp is SO split it's a tragedy! Why don't we just help each other out? That way the likelyhood of at least one method working will be greatly increased!!!

So please post your suggestions here (comments) or on the forum (on this thread: Alternatives?... ), or the Revava forum . I'm seriously interested to hear:

1. Why not to band together and help each other out

2. Why not to vote as part of an overall strategy to implement change (because like I said, I totally agree that it is not the ikkar),


3. What alternatives people have...

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